Oopsie Heroes

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The tiny sensor tracks those Oopsie moments, finds the pattern and helps your child learn to wake up on time. The sensor is super simple to use and can be easily fastened to all undergarments and pj’s. No special clothing required. After an Oopsie moment, the sensor will record and send this information to the Oopsie Heroes App. Instead of Bluetooth, the Oopsie sensor uses a simple sound to send the information to the app.

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  • Personalized parent Voice Alarm
  • Sound Based
  • Track Progress and set goals
  • Motivating and fun


Oopsie Heroes will train the brain of your child to recognize the bladder signals. Over time the child will learn to recognize these signals and wake up on their own.

Within 6-12 weeks of using Oopsie Heroes your child will be free from nighttime accidents. Dry nights, better days!


The Oopsie Heroes app automatically logs Oopsie moments. This helps you as parents spot the pattern and understand when your child needs support, motivation or a high five after a dry night.  This helps to motivate your child to become dry in record time.

Included features are a rewarding system, Parent Voice Alarm and tracking of progress.